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South Christian High School

South Christian High School is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, just 45 minutes from Lake Michigan. Grand Rapids is Michigan’s second largest city, with a population of 189,815.

Amount of students in the school

600 students in grades 9-12

Dress Code


Student/Teacher ratio



Host Families


Science, Social Studies, Religion, Technology, Mathematics, English, Fine Arts,
Physical Education, World Language


Ceramics & sculpture, drawing & painting, graphic design/printmaking, intro to art, band, orchestra, choirs, drama

Foreign Language


Boys’ teams

Soccer, tennis, cross country, equestrian, football, bowling, basketball, swimming, hockey, baseball, track, golf, lacrosse

Girls’ teams

Cross country, equestrian, golf, swimming, sideline cheer, volleyball, bowling, basketball, track, soccer, tennis, softball

College acceptance

94% of the graduates have been accepted to colleges and universities


Grand Rapids, MI – GRR

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