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Fox Valley Lutheran High School

The private school is located in Appelton, Wisconsin. Appelton is a city in Outagamie county 100 miles north of Milwaukee. The private school has a long history of providing families with an excellent Christian education for their children. The FVL School nurture children both educationally and spiritually.

Amount of students in the school

640 students in the grades 9-12

Dress Code


Class size

Average class size of 24 students


Host Families


Religion, Social Studies, Practical and Professional Arts, Foreign Language, Math, PE, Science, Fine Arts, Business, Education, English


Drawing, painting, sculpting, choir, band, theatre

Foreign Languages

German, Latin, Spanish

Boys’ teams

Soccer, football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, hockey, tennis, track, golf, cross country

Girls’ teams

Volleyball, tennis, golf, basketball, track, cross country, softball, cheerleading, dance, hockey, soccer

College acceptance

High rate


Milwaukee, MKE-ATW

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