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Quality education in Private Schools

Private schools in the USA are known of their high standards, both in Academics as well as Arts and Sports. Studying in an American Private School is an investment with long-term effects, you will learn to speak English fluently, make new friends and learn new skills. Studying in an American Private School will prepare you for your future, and your American experience will be part of you for the rest of your life!

On these pages you will find information about different Private Schools CETI represents. Select the school to your liking and contact us today to get started with your application! The sooner you start the application process, the faster you can secure a school place in the USA.

Small classes and personal attention

American private schools have many advantages: smaller classes, variety of AP* (advanced placement) classes, low staff turnover rates and good sports/music programs. Some private schools offer specialized courses that cater to students with limited English which allow them to accept students with lower English language test scores and work with them to improve their language skills. The Private Schools we represent accept students for High School (ages 15-18) and Middle school (ages 11-14).

Private Day or Boarding school?

CETI represents two types of American Private schools, Day Schools and Boarding schools. As an exchange student in a Private Day School, you will live with a local host family and experience the American way of life as a family member. CETI host families are screened to ensure that their homes are friendly, safe places for our exchange students to live. You will also have a local CETI Coordinator who will provide you support through every stage of your stay in the USA.

In a Private Boarding School, you will be living a student dormitory and be part of the school community. Everything from academics to extra-curricular activities is within an easy reach, and you’ll make a lot of new friends in the dormitory.

As a CETI program participant, you are able to spend a semester or full academic year in America attending a private high school.

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* Advanced Placement, AP classes, are college level classes offered to high school students. Colleges often offer course credits to students who scored high in AP examinations.

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