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Exchange student and friends on a beach in New Zealand

Life as an exchange student in New Zealand

The New Zealanders, or Kiwis as they like to call themselves, are down-to-earth people who like nothing better than spending time outdoors with their friends and families. The magnificent nature provides excellent outing possibilities from leisurely walks to adventure sports. Rugby is the national sport and followed by many.  It is also a popular school sport and there hardly is a school without a rugby team in New Zealand. Other popular sports are cricket, tennis, horseback riding and soccer. There is also basketball and football in New Zealand, the latter being offered in some areas only.
As a CET International exchange student in New Zealand you will experience every day Kiwi life by living with a local host family and going to the local school for 4 to 12 weeks. The school system in New Zealand was originally created according to the British example but has since evolved into its own system with high academic standards and a good amount of extra-curricular activities. And the best way to make friends in New Zealand – yes you guessed it, is by getting active in school clubs and teams!

New Zealand is situated in the Southern hemisphere and the warmest months are December, January and February.

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