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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALife of an exchange student in Ecuador

Family and friends mean a lot to Ecuadorians. You as an exchange student will be welcomed as the newest family member and will soon be introduced to your host family’s relatives and friends. Ecuador is a great place to learn to speak Spanish and everybody will be very supportive of your efforts and eager to help you learn more.

The language spoken by teachers and students in your school will be Spanish, but no need to worry, you can quickly improve your Spanish skills by taking language classes. The cost of these is 8-10 USD per lesson. It is recommended that exchange students with lesser knowledge of Spanish take language lessons for the first semester.

Ecuadorian families have wide social circles and your host family will introduce you to a lot of young people. The fastest way to get to know people in your school is to participate in extra-curricular activities. It varies a lot from school to school what kind of activities are being offered but if your school doesn’t have clubs or teams you can get active outside of school, for example by taking bailatino classes or playing ecuavolley! Your host family and friends will help you to find activities.

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