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Exchange student program in Ecuador

After you have been approved to the CET International high school study abroad program you will fill in an application package which is sent to the local organization in Ecuador. They will look for a host family and school that will be right for you according to your lifestyle and interests.  This can be the most time-demanding part of the preparations, but be patient as it will be worth it!

Once you have received your host family and school information it will be time to apply for a student visa. CET International helps you with the application and visa procedures, we will also organize for a pre-departure orientation.  You will continue to receive support throughout your stay in Ecuador from a local coordinator that will keep in touch with you are your host family.

Program Dates

Academic Year in Ecuador

Start date: August
Application deadline: March 25

Academic Semester in Ecuador

Start dates: early-mid August or January
Application deadlines: March 25 or September 25

Short term programs

Two or three months in Ecuador, summer in Ecuador: contact our office for more information.

Fees and Payment Schedule

Academic Year: $6,195
Academic Semester: $4,995

*These fees do not include insurance, airfare, passport or visa fees, personal expenses, school supplies.

An application deposit of $1,000 is due upon submission of the application. The remaining balance is due 90 days prior to departure date.

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