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exchange students and Chinese classmates in school

As an exchange student in China

Typically exchange students are placed in schools where at least some of the teachers speak English. There won’t be any classes in English but you’ll be surprised how many Chinese people are conversant in English, and this can help a lot when you are getting to know people in China!

Your host family will be very excited to receive you and they’ll do everything to make sure you feel comfortable. They’ll want to know how you are settling in and will be very curious to hear what you have learned in school and what have you been doing with your friends. Families often have dinners at 6 pm and all the family members, including the exchange student, are expected to be present.

Chinese students study hard and have long school days. Schools offer extra-curricular activities in varying amounts, and it is recommended that you, as an exchange student, will participate in these. Your Chinese classmates will be very curious about you and ask a lot of questions in the beginning, and you will soon know a lot of students in your school!

You can learn relatively fast to speak simple Chinese but learning to read and write will take more time. Your school can help you get Chinese language lessons at a reasonable cost and these lessons may take place during the school day or after. Your teachers in other subjects will expect you to put forth the extra effort to study the language and get yourself up to speed on the lessons that are too difficult for you to follow.

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