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Explore the world as an exchange student!

There is no better experience for an American high school student than participating in and exchange student program. If you decide to participate in a high school study abroad program you will return with a level of confidence, maturity, compassion and integrity that will put you ahead of your classmates and peers.

Exchange student programs can change the direction you steer your future and motivate you to accomplish things you never knew possible. Charlemagne wrote that “to have another language is to possess a second soul” and there is no faster way to learning a language than by immersing yourself in it through an exchange student program.

Several countries to choose from

You have the option to choose from a long list of high school study abroad programs depending on your interests and second language experience. You can choose from semester, year-long or short-term programs in various countries around the world, and if you have no experience learning a second language, no need to worry, there are plenty of high school study abroad programs with no second language requirements.

You will travel to the country of your choice and live with a well-screened, caring host family who consider it their privilege to welcome an American exchange student into their home for a school year. They will provide you with room, board, and guidance in their country’s manners and customs. Many families have children your own age and may even speak English nearly as well as you do.
In addition to your host family, every CETI exchange student has a local program coordinator who is conversant in English and will be available to help you through your stay.

Whether you want to study abroad next semester or are still only curious, browse through the exchange student programs we offer to see where your studies could take you!

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