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Cultural exchange is all about people

As a CETI Host Family you’ll be part of a great network. There are a lot of experienced CETI coordinators on board. Most of them have started out as Host Families and still keep hosting students. We feel lucky to have such great people working with host families, schools and exchange students.

While host family offers a safe home for an exchange student, the local coordinator helps them gain most of their cultural exchange experience. Read what Kathy Nyone, Local Coordinator in Portland, Oregon says:
Local CETI Coordinator with husband on a beach“I have worked with CETI as a local coordinator for the over five years and I have enjoyed our partnership very much because through CETI I get to meet the neatest teenagers from all over the world. I have had wonderful students from different countries. Some have come to Portland for only one semester and others have come for 3 ½ years like one of my students who just graduated in June of 2013. I was able to watch him grow from a young, active, impulsive freshman to a wise, mature, confident senior who was ready to embark on college life. He already has come back this fall to say hi to me and give me a hug and that is what makes this job all worthwhile.
I love helping international students to work through problems with their host families, solve difficulties with classes that are too challenging, and hold their hand during really tough emotional issues. The reward comes when you hear the student give a speech on how much they love their host family that they lived with for 3 ½ years, or you get to watch them successfully graduate and move onto an excellent university, or you see them light-hearted and joyful after intense times of sadness. This is why I like working with CETI because when I do the monthly reports with the students and fun activities at Christmas and throughout the year, I am able to make a genuine friendship with each student that goes way beyond the superficial level.
CETI is always there to support me with advice for each situation, by facilitating quick efficient communication with the natural parents, and personal, practical help that is available to me 24/7. Another thing that I really value about CETI is their loyalty. I am still working with the same supervisors that I started with over five years ago whereas many other agencies are constantly changing personnel.”

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