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American host family with an exchange student at Mount Rushmore

Offer a home to a foreign exchange student!

Build your international contact network and learn about other cultures – in the comfort of your home! Every year many international young students choose CETI as their program provider in the USA. The students come to study in American private schools and to learn about our way of life.

American Host Families together with schools offer the foreign exchange students a safe, fun and educational experience. The host families, students and schools alike all enjoy the cultural diversity that a cultural exchange program offers. As a host family you will feel privileged when witnessing your foreign exchange student experiencing everything American for the first time – food, malls, Homecoming, Thanksgiving and many other typical activities are completely new to her! Sooner than you can guess you will see your foreign exchange student as your daughter or son from Europe, South America or Asia. Your family has become international!

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